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MVPs can attract job opportunities regardless of the state of the economy. They are able to use a combination of soft and hard abilities to increase their chances of landing a job. MVPs have five distinguishing characteristics that make them the most valuable employee to their company. Personality, Adaptability, Authority, Visibility, and Traversability are the five traits.

MVPs are in high demand because of their outgoing personalities. They have a positive attitude at work and communicate effectively with others. They perform admirably as both individuals and members of a team. MVPs also understand how to get buy-in from their teammates. They understand that they must first persuade others before they can influence them. They understand how to play the game of influence and collaborate with their teammates to score.

The winning personality of MVPs leads to a plethora of excellent opportunities at work. Some of these opportunities may require a significant change in their current status quo, but MVPs are extremely adaptable. Change is valued by MVPs and viewed as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. They can switch positions while remaining focused on the game.

MVPs' strong personalities and adaptability make them strong leaders and role models for their teammates. MVPs will seize the opportunity to lead initiatives at work, demonstrating their expertise and experience in front of their co-workers. In the process, they demonstrate to others how well they can play the game and authoritatively dictate the rules.

MVPs will begin to gain visibility both inside and outside the workplace once they have established authority. MVPs use multiple platforms to showcase their stellar results in both their internal and external playing fields in order to increase their visibility.

MVPs recognize that in today's ever-changing job market, opportunities favour those who are prepared. As a result, they will never stop improving and learning new skills. They are willing to move to a different position, either upward, downward, or across the playing field.

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