Our SIGNATURE Programmes

How to Resolve Critical Workplace Issues Collaboratively and Creatively Using PLAYMOBIL pro®

This 4-hour in-person immersive program will offer you a methodical way to quickly and constructively resolve workplace issues so that you may work successfully together again. You'll discover how to increase workplace collaboration, establish win-win solutions, and establish stronger working relationships by play-storming with the innovative PLAYMOBIL pro® professional modelling set. (Note: The ideal team size for this program is between 6-8 members)

Discover Your ADVantage® and Win The Game of Work

This 3-hour in-person immersive program will enable you to know what drives you at work and make sound career decisions. You may raise your chances of success in any industry by using The ADVantage System® card sorts to identify your unique abilities, drivers, and values. (Note: The ideal team size for this program is between 6-8 members)

Lunch & Learn: How to Transform Yourself into the Most Valuable Professional in Your Field®

Do you want to become a most valuable professional? Learn how to stand out in your industry, connect with the appropriate people, and advance your career. Terence Chiew, the founder of Peet Asia and author of 'Most Valuable Professional: What Every Employee Ought to Know About Staying Employable,' delivers this 1-hour virtual 'lunch and learn' talk.