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Staying employable has become an essential skill in today's workplace. This book will show you what every working professional needs to know about staying employable, as well as how to do it. It includes: exactly what an employer wants in an employee; the specific skills needed to succeed; tips on getting new work experience that looks good on your resume; and much more!

Don't be left behind.

“A very handy piece of reference material that seeks to set us thinking about our career path, progression and how to get to where we desire. Terence’s book brings together action plans and resources to aid in thinking of what one should do next in a world where we can no longer remain constant and where employers no longer look out for mere employees. Through his mass of professional experiences, Terence shares what one can consider to stay relevant in this day and age.” - Dianne Lim, HR Professional

“A must-read for those experiencing mid-life career crisis! Practical, no-nonsense tips and advice on how to not only survive but thrive in today’s hyper-competitive workplace. In this book, Terence Chiew shares his insights and experience on how best to position your talent/skill sets to secure your career and future. Take control. Read this book for your future’s sake!" - Sandy Ho, HR Professional

“This book is for those who want to know how to remain employable. Why? The book clearly explains the struggle of employees in today’s employment landscape where they have shorter shelf lives. You may want to refer to this as a resource book many times as you explore options to survive in the urban jungle of work. It contains valuable revelations to those who want to make a difference in their lifelong working journey.” - Roland Ang, Financial Markets Reporter

"This book helps working professionals stay employable by learning how to leverage the benefits of being recognised as a "Most Valuable Professional". It is ideal for any professional who is looking to stand out from the crowd in their chosen industry." - Carlos Rupert, Business Consultant

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