Future Proof Your Career

About this Book

"A very handy piece of reference material that seeks to set us thinking about our career path, progression and how to get to where we desire. Terence's book brings together action plans and resources to aid in thinking of what one should do next in a world where we can no longer remain constant and where employers no longer look out for mere employees. Through his mass of professional experiences, Terence shares what one can consider to stay relevant in this day and age." -- Dianne Lim, HR Professional in Telecommunications

Within the pages of Most Valuable Professional, you will learn how to:

  • Get along with people of different personalities and build great relationships at work

  • Adapt easily to changes in the workplace

  • Strengthen your job position with leadership and authority

  • Enhance your brand’s visibility everywhere

  • Make your skills traversable anywhere

If you’re ready to become an MVP, this book is what you need!

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